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Partial Solar Eclipse 2022-10-25

We observed the partial solar eclipse from Tyche Brahe Observatory together with all the local TV-stations and newspapers. The moon entered in front of the sun from the top, turned left immediately after and went out straight to the left. Despite bad weather reports, we had sunshine the whole day. Only during maximum some clouds threatened the seeing.

Just after first contact.
Moon sliding to the left.
Maximum – some clouds driving past.
After maximum.
Moon has turned completely left.
Moon leaving sun to the left.
Last contact.

Hans Kronkvist took a picture of us watching the eclipse.

Tycho Brahe Observatory. Photo: Hans Kronkvist.

After the eclipse, the solar eclipse group had a meeting about practical things concerning the trip to Australia in spring 2023. We will meet again in January.

Länkar: https://svt.se/nyheter/lokalt/skane/nyheter-fran-dagen-25-oktober-50

Av Tora Greve

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