protokoll solgruppen

Solgruppen 22 februari 2018

Närvarande: 6 stk.

På mötet lördagen mötte bara 4 upp, och Tora var sjuk. Vi beslöt att mötas kl. 14 torsdag istället.

We discussed the trip to Kiruna and made an emailgroup. This group has grown to 11 persons.


Like Anders said, Friday 10 August travel to Kiruna. We meet in Stockholm ARN to join SK 1044 to Kiruna at 15.05 PM. There our rented cars will take us to the hotels. Most of us will stay at Hotell Sameland in Kiruna, where we got the 5 last rooms. There is a possibility to put in an extra bed in some of the rooms.

11 August: Solar Eclipse. Karl Palm is the one knowing most about the area. If the weather permits, we will go to Torneträsk to observe. Otherwise, we will chase good weather. The eclipse starts 10.32, maximum 11.14, ends 11.57. After the eclipse, Karl Palm will show us Kiruna, a town that will soon seize to exist due to risk of being swallowed by the earth. There is a beautiful church, houses built by the famous architect Erskine and a space center. We will be eating at a real Peoples’ House where they serve ethnic food.

12 August: Drive to Jukkasjärvi, visit Ice Hotel and Esrange Space Museum.

13 August: Go back to Stockholm with SK 1045 on 13.40 PM and continue to next destination.

Solgruppens nästa möte: 17 mars kl. 14. Alla är välkomna!