Easter Island Group meeting 2022-08-18

Liz O’Mara and Tony Crocker visited Limhamn and we gathered some of the people who saw the solar eclipse together with us on the Eastern Island in 2010. Somehow we had all become older. Unfortunately Göran couldn’t come since he was in hospital, but we contacted him on the phone.

First we celebrated like usually with champagne, or Spanish cava, talked about future plans for the upcoming solar eclipses. The Antarctical solar eclipse was the last we planned several years ago, and it ended up with me going alone, so now we plan less than a year in advance.

A glass of Cava at Tora’s place.

Afterwards we went down to the restaurant Kajuteriet beside the boatclub and had a nostalgic lunch from the old days when eating on the boat between Sweden and Denmark, the famous dish Spätta Öresund with a local beer.

Lunch at Kajuteriet.

Now we could watch the bridge between Sweden and Denmark. Liz was looking forward to enter the tunnel in Denmark since the bridge seems to end in the middle of the sea.

Yactclub and bridge to Copenhagen in the background-

This was really a good day and now we are looking forward to the solar eclipse of 25 October 2022!

Av Tora Greve

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