TLE 2019-01-21

Total lunar eclipse 2019-01-21

I was staying in Puerto de Mogan on Gran Canaria. The weather was good, I was able to watch the whole eclipse. I was a little afraid that the moon would dissappear behind the mountain in west, but it was free from Earth’s shadow just a few minutes before it went behind the mountain range.

3.30 AM-Earth’s shadow begins to show.

4.40 AM-totality begins.

Totaliteten börjar

5.05 AM-middle of totality.

Mitten av totaliteten

5.45 AM-moon starts leaving Earth’s shadow.

5.45 AM Totaliteten slut.

6.50 AM moon out of shadow.

6.50 AM sista kontakt

7.00 AM moon disappears totally behind mountain range.

Av Tora Greve

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